A comprehensive review of Getresponse Email Marketing Software

Mack Johnson
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After using Getresponse software for more than an year, we have summed up the pros and cons of this software into this article.

Broadly we can say that Getresponse Email marketing software is a complete package for any business.

This software allows you to leverage a hell lot of features at a pocket friendly prices. Using this you can :

  • Create a mailing list and capture leads for your business.
  • Create and send Newsletters to your subscribers
  • Automate your emailing via autoresponder feature.
  • Import your mailing list
  • Create Responsive Email Designs
  • Segmentation
  • Split Testing
  • Keep a close track of your emails. Open rate, CTR (click through rate ) and forwards etc.

Apart from this you have the option to create beautiful landing pages. You can create an automated sales funnels, host a webinar and leverage CRM functionality under single roof.

The best part that I find while writing this Getresponse review article is the pricing. Getresponse offers the most competitive prices in the market. Hence this can be very handy especially when you are a small team or a single man army.

Responsive Email Designs

This software provides a simple drag and drop functionality for most of its features. The user can create responsive email designs which fits well over mobile screen also. Additionally there are a number of default template to choose from which you can easily edit and use as per your choice.

Professional Newsletter Designs

You can create professional newsletters also. To reduce the burden and to cut down the cost if you are working individually, there are a number of pre-made professional templates to choose from. Just click ot edit as per your choice.

For coder, there is an additional facility to code their design in HTML an import the code inside getrespponse.

One Click Segmentation:

The most fascinating part is the one click segmentation features. This option identifies and separate out the people who did not engage with your newsletter in the first impression. You can retarget them with a different copy of the newsletter again.

Metrics Over Time:

You can sort out your subscriber based on their timing. You can check when majority of your subscribers are responding and this way you can schedule your timings of your mails

Email ROI:

You can check the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign bys simply adding a code on your post. Another cool features from Getresponse.

E-Newsletter Performance Comparison

You can compare the performance of your different newsletter parallelly

Per-User Information

You can see the information of each individual subscriber in just one click.

Split testing

This one feature you won’t find in any other email marketing service provider.

This feature allows you to spit test 5 messages simultaneously. You can use Subject header, from field, content and send time as variables for split testing.

Apart from a user can also enjoy high end features like landing page creator, host a webinar, leverage CRM functionality, and create create high end automation funnels.

There is a lot you can leverage using this software.

  • To sum up the Getresponse Review Article, we can say this is by par the best and complete email marketing automation software.
  • The only downside that we have found are:
  • No two factor authentication
  • No phone support
  • Data capture form is not responsive
  • Rest this software is worth a try.
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