Bioshock as Inspiration

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Bioshock was a first-person shooter franchise, and characters were driven in the horror-action adventure, so it was bound to set the tone for other creators. In addition, this game has innovative storytelling that we don’t see in video games and is a rare trait. In the first episode, the game is located in the romantic city Rapture, underwater. People live without political order or religion. In the Infinite sequel, the game is in the 20th century in the city of Columbia that is hovering. From Jack to the Booker, you will meet many different characters entirely developed in the sequels. 

Authors of the game used code 451 as a reference to a dystopian society novel from Ray Bradbury. Game is a kind of response to the world situation with politics and religion. It is interesting how without politics or religion game includes gambling into the mix. There is a whole fan theory of game meaning and symbolism. In the Bioshock series, you can find casinos all over the game. Unlike online slots for real money that have an RTP meter, the Bioshock ones don’t. In Bioshock, if you put into the slot machine 10$, you will get a payout of 25$. After the first round, your chances to win get decreased. In Bioshock 2 sequel, find them in Siren Alley hidden in the room with protection Turrets. This sequel has new icons – yellow bell, orange fruit, and bluefish added to old ones from the previous episode.

From Fahrenheit 451 to 1893. World’s fair references that inspired designers of this game series are excellent. In addition to that, Bioshock is an inspiration for great new video games.

Gears of War

The first sequel came out in 2006. and since then, it got very popular sequels, and it’s one of the most awarded on this list. You can play it on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows. It is an action 3rd person shooter game. From Best ”360 Game” to ”Ultimate Game of the Year”. If you are looking for this genre game, Gears of War is an excellent Bioshock-inspired game that got the most famous that it’s an inspiration.

Close to the Sun

The game came out in 2019. In the same genre as inspiration: horror, action-adventure game. Platforms available: Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows. Inspiration for the fun is the life of Nikola Tesla. You can see his inventions, documents, and events from history. You were trying to make the world a better place with his innovations and Thomas Edison, who wanted to conquer him. The game got conflicting reviews, but you will love it if you like history and games from this genre.


If you are looking for something different, this is it. The team behind the game claims that Bioshock was an inspiration for this game. It is an arcade game that has cartoonish graphics. You are a creature that eats bugs and gets mutations from them. Sound like Spiderman to us. We will leave that to you to decide what it reminds you of based on this description.


It’s a first-person shooter game that has various play styles. This game is a problem-solving game that forces a player to be creative. Morgan Yu is the game’s protagonist located on the space station that has an alien creature infestation. With Neuromods on the protagonist side that improves human possibilities in terms of speed, strength, intelligence, things will be easier. The game is a mix of Bioshock and science. Talos-I is an open and chaotic place will a lot of locked areas for the player to discover.

Fallout: New Vegas

Like the previous sequels, the game gets set after a nuclear war in the U.S. Post-apocalyptic game has various modes. Combat mode has a first and third-person view and multiple features. Hardcore mode is an optional setting that makes the game more realistic with non-instantaneous healing and dehydration elements. With the Damage Threshold mechanic, some weapons become ineffective. With unique weapons and modding features, and Karma system game will look more realistic than any other.

Bioshock-themed games are mostly first-person shooter games that get set in a post-apocalyptic scene. With aliens or monsters as the main enemies, games don’t lack in scary and tense moments. The main goal is to survive and save humanity from destruction. Every Bioshock-themed game put’s something unique into their game, from using real cities as the base of the game to the historical events, controversial medical treatments to the basic ”are good for others and get good in return” Karma moments. Bioshock-themed games have a growing base of fans. If you never played this kind of themed game, try one from the list and get chills from monster expectations!


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