Games During the Challenging Pandemic Times

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The new world in the times of Corona or COVID-19 pandemic has witnessed people trying out new means and modes of entertainment. From board games, video games, arcades, puzzles, racing games, word games, jigsaws, and online warcraft games – people are constantly looking to keep themselves occupied and have a little fun too at the sides. The Internet has brought the people stuck in their locked-down lives closer.

People are connecting digitally for work and leisure. There are video games available in the market that help network and invite friends across the globe to duel with each other. The challenges of meeting and greeting each other for the sake of playing are over.

The new world in pandemic times is a digitally connected world. No matter what country you live in, you can always play with a user online. Time zones do not create hindrances anymore, whether you reside in Australia, America, Egypt, India, or the far of Bahamas, you can always connect and play.

There are gamers always available 24 x 7. No matter what country, time zone, or the region you are in. They are online and playing at all the places possible, from rural to urban to semi-urban. In fact, at any given point of time millions and millions of players are logged in from their systems to play.

Big brands like Sony, Pixar, Activision Blizzard, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, and many more are always advertising and attracting the games to their segments. They also organize gaming competitions and marathon with huge bounty and prizes to be bagged.

These companies run promotions on all platforms possible. They advertise online, offline, in print media, on radio, at events, through brand ambassadors, etc. Their advertising message and concept is more related to activations and real-time gaming. They even recruit online influencers to join their brigade and lure their followers to try and play their games.

Once a player gets the hang of it, they are glued to it forever. To name a few, some extremely successful games have been Mortal Combat, Mario, FIFA, God of War, F1 racer, Nintendo, Angry Birds, 8ball pool, etc.

Some of these games are heavily priced and are launched as seasons or parts. Example FIFA and God of War. There are games for the lower segment, mid-segment, and higher premium-priced segment as well. These games also offer memberships and in-game purchases also. They rake in big money for the companies developing these.

These games are available on gaming consoles, websites, and mobile applications too. While you are restricted to access the video games through the comfort of your homes, the mobile versions are easy to use and access from anywhere and at any time.

Online Gaming has taken a leap and now games with virtual reality are available too. With the right gadgets and internet connectivity, one can take the gaming experience to another and a notch higher. Many famous games are available on mobiles too.

A lot of these have mobile applications that are supported by both Android and iOS mobile devices, such as Angry Birds, 8 Ball Pools, Temple Run, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and many more. Games also have age restrictions.

Some games are only meant for playing by 18 years people or older. One such game is the Aztec Game. It’s an online game that is available on android and iOS both. It sees massive traffic and has a big following amongst players.

The gaming madness is not just limited to games, players, matches, or scores. The gaming fans are a step ahead with the collectibles and special edition mementos that sell in the offline and online markets. There are caps, shirts, watches, gaming cards, stickers, pens, lasers, dolls, key chains, stationery and so much available for sale for the gaming fans.

The dot com world is buzzing with games all the time, 365 days a year. The gaming industry is huge and the numerous platforms available nowadays enable players to bet, play, and watch live games or sports online. Many gamers have made fortune playing these games. They play for money and even telecast their games live on platforms like YouTube and Periscope.

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