10 Funny Trophies To Give Your Co-Workers

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Do not you want to organize a boring event? You have landed on the right platform. Here, we are going to tell you how you can make your event full of creativity and a lot of fun indeed. Why should you always go with a standard title when you can go with a bit more creativity too? Here, we are going to mention some interesting as well as funny trophies to appreciate your employees indeed.

1. “The Fashionista Award” For The Stylish One Person
Moreover, we know that someone who is quite creative with her/his wardrobe game. Do not you think that he/she deserves an award for his/her creativity? Yes! They do deserve it. That is why; the fashionista award should go to her/him. Doesn’t it sound great indeed? Moreover, it would also encourage others to do great at the forefront. This award must be on the list of Corporate Awards.

2. Add One More Award Called “Mr. Hygiene or Ms. Hygiene Award”
Awards always make all of us excited indeed. Mr. Clean and Ms. Clean Award should also be on the list indeed. The fact cannot be ignored that there would be someone on your team who always prefers to stay clean and maintain a great hygiene level. This kind of talent must be appreciated.

This fact cannot be ignored at all. It is time to reward them with the title of Mr. Clean or Ms. Clean. At the time of buying a Ceremonial Award, you should choose the expert manufacturer indeed. They make you know more about the style and shape of an award so that it would look nice and amazing.

3. Make An Award Ceremony Quite Colorful With This Award “The Snack King or Snack Queen Award”
And we know that some people are quite good at cooking something tasty and delicious. Moreover, they always make sure that they keep coming up with something tasty too much on. They should be called on Snack King or Snack Queen Award since they keep coming on with a tastier snack option to add more glam to the party.

4. The Bermuda Triangle Award For The Person Who Is A Bit Careless
Have you ever thought that there could be the Bermuda Triangle Award? We all know that the Bermuda Triangle is something where everything disappears. An office person’s desk where everything disappears can be rewarded with this award. Therefore, you may also add this award to your list. It would be too funny to go with this award adding on the list. The best thing is that everyone would be enjoying that.

5. Encourage Others With Giving “The Green Thumb” Award To The Deserving One
The green thumb award is next on the day. It would be quite intellectual to add this since all your office workers will be enjoying it. Moreover, it will add more fun to the entire event indeed. Don’t you think that the Green Thumb award will be great to add? It would be something like encouraging people to keep going with planting more plants. This kind of Corporate Awards, people will truly love and enjoy it to have. Moreover, it makes the entire atmosphere light and cool.

6. The Chatty Cathy Award Who Talks A Lot
Do you have someone in your team who keeps talking too much? He/she must be rewarded with “The Chatty Cathy Award.” It would be too funny to have this award. The receiver will surely have a great time while receiving it. Here, it needs to mention that someone on your team would be very much fond of talking non-stop. So, do add this award for sure.

7. For That Singer “The Opera Singer Award”
And what about this award indeed. You may know someone in your team good at singing. Some people just love singing. If one of your colleagues always enjoys the proverbial microphone more than anyone else then he/she deserved to get this award indeed.

8. One Who Is Good At Drawing Deserves “The Picasso Award”
If there is someone in your team who is quite good at drawing or doodle, then that person deserves to go with this award called “The Picasso Award.” It should be given to the people who are good at drawing and doodling to the point in which everyone takes notice. It is time to award that person with the best award.

9. The Kind-Hearted Person
And who is that? You need to add this award to your list too. Add the award mentioning who helps the most to other employees and he/she deserves it. Moreover, this sort of award also makes other people encourage to be cordial and helpful to others. It means your award function with all these awards will surely help others to learn a lot. Sometimes people do think that being kind or cordial is not a good thing but it is not at all. Awarding people with such awards will surely increase more awareness regarding this.

10. The Person Having A Lot Of Patience
Most of us get frustrated because of having a lot of work sometimes. Being on deadline, not every time is easy at all. You need to be quite careful indeed. If there is an employee from your team who is just loaded with a lot of patience then you must add this award to your list for sure. Other employees will also get to know about him/her. Moreover, they will also get to learn how to keep your brain at peace while handling such a huge workload indeed. Awards are precious and they should be given every year by companies to encourage their employees indeed.

In The Last
I hope the above-mentioned information has helped you a lot indeed. You need to make sure that you are buying quality awards made of a standard material and look stylish too. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go with these amazing trophies to add more fun and happiness to the award ceremonies. I hope it would be helpful to you indeed.

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