Briggs & Stratton Standby Generators

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Due to natural calamities, overload and technical faults the grid power may fail in some areas. This leads to a lot of financial loss for small businesses. Your shop needs to remain open for customers at such a time. Small mills and factories also need to continue with the workday as usual. If they install a generator for their premises the workday will not be disrupted due to grid power failure.

At home, many issues can crop up without electric power. No one will be able to move around freely during a blackout without the use of candles and flashlights. The computers will not work and neither will the laptops. The foods in the refrigerator will rot and there will be nothing left to eat for dinner.

These days we have to make sure our home and shop are well protected by a dependable standby generator. You need to be able to run your light, fans, TV and other appliances during blackouts as much as you like. An automatic standby generator is permanently installed on your premises. Of these, the gas generators allow more convenience.

These require no refueling as you can attach it to the kitchen gas line for an unlimited supply of fuel. To install the generator with an automatic transfer switch you will need a licensed electrician. To attach your unit to the kitchen gas line a licensed and professional plumber will be required.

For your small business and home choose from a 10kW to a 30kW power system. Briggs & Stratton is one of the leading brands when it comes to power generation. They offer a wide range of generators. Some models offer very good value for your money. Your comfort and convenience are a priority and you should not sacrifice it for money. If you are not able to afford a model that you like apply for easy financing. The company offers a credit solution that you can benefit from.

Briggs & Stratton 20kW watt whole house generator is the most popular. It automatically comes on when the utility power is lost. Within seconds the generator kicks into power two 5-ton air conditioners, security system, and other home appliances. A standby generator keeps the family indoors when the weather outside is bad. They can continue to watch TV, use the computer, and charge the cell phones to carry on with the day as usual. Without electric power, the stress levels go up.

What makes the Briggs & Stratton more preferable is the Upgraded Control System.
InfoHub Wireless Monitoring system allows you to check the diagnostic messages on the iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ device, PC or Mac®.

If you own beach houses, get a Briggs & Stratton for it so you can enjoy summertime with the family. The enclosure is rustproof and can withstand strong winds. For those living in an extreme climate, the 20kW watt whole house generator will be perfect.

Small homeowners will do well with an 8.5kW unit. These come with ATS and remote monitoring as well. The sound attenuation system allows the smaller models to run as quietly as an air conditioner. 8.5kW is ample enough for use with lights, fans, sump pumps, refrigerators, and computers. At the workplace, it will power your fax machine and your PABX. At the shop, you can run your lights and the POS system to keep business open while others are shut.

When you hear about a storm or a hurricane or wildfires coming to your neighborhood it is best to get prepared ahead of time. Evacuate the area and get to a safe place well before it is too late. Get an automatic generator w/ATS and get it wired it to your circuit board. Choose the circuits you wish to run in case of grid power fails.

If power is lost your security system and the fridge can continue to run behind your back. If you install a camera in your basement you will know if it is getting flooded or not. You can shut and also start the generator using your mobile device at your grand parent’s house.

Briggs & Stratton standby generators that run on kitchen gas or LPG are air-cooled. They can be placed as close an 18” from the house. There is no issue with emissions as is with the diesel or gasoline generators. Hence it is safer for families.

The carbon emission of a diesel generator can be damaging to the health of your kids and pets. These generators also have a higher total harmonic distortion (THD) which is bad for expensive electronics. Now with the sensitive electronics, we use daily we need to look for models that have a very low THD. Briggs & Stratton standby generators have less than 5% THD and are perfect for use with the latest computers, laptops, cell phones, and tablets.

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