Black Diamond Ring – A Brief Guide

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Diamond is a unique material in the whole of the universe. It is known for its luster, uncanny hardness, and the fact that finding it involves painstaking efforts of mining from the bottom of the earth makes it even more intriguing.

Diamonds have been used for millennia in jewelry by people of the royal, priestly, or prestigious statuses. Jewelry studded with diamonds has been a method of embellishment by the royals. In modern days, the use of gem rock has been adapted in many non-customary ways; you can find watches, smartphones, and other utility devices embedded, or bejeweled with diamond.

The Rise and Rise of Black Diamond
Diamonds have been available in different levels of density, thus toughness. These differences amount to varying degrees of glitter too. The other way diamonds can differ in their colors. The black diamond, e.g., is fascinating and is known to be the toughest of all forms of the diamond.

The colored diamonds are the trend today, and out of them, the black diamond is, in particular, the most preferred. Jewelry with a black diamond is a style choice for today’s youngsters. There have been several media appearances of celebrities like Ivanka Trump, Kat Von D, Carmen Electra, Jennie Garth, and several others portraying the significance of black diamond in rings. Perhaps this is the reason for the popularity of the black diamond has increased recently. It even features as a popular engagement ring choice along with white and colorless diamonds.

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Engagement Rings With A Black Diamond – Why Not?
People have a flair for unique and exotic things. We like gifting an outstanding or awe-inspiring ring to our would-be spouse as a commitment to eternal love. This is where black diamonds emerge as a popular choice. There are many popular options in classic style engagement rings. These include the solitaire ring, 2 stone rings, and semi mount pink rings. But black diamond truly stands apart due to its eye-catching appearance and unique design.

It is totally understandable if you have some queries at the back of your mind, before you present a black diamond engagement ring to your sweetheart. Here are some most typical queries we get from people who hear about black diamonds.

1- Are They Real?
The phenomenon of black diamond is one of the rarest ones in the field of petrology. Due to their uncommonness, many would-be buyers are initially speculative about its true nature; they think that the black color is artificial and augmented to increase the natural beauty of the gem.

The black diamond stones are 100 percent natural; they are not augmented for their color. The only thing they go through in their finishing is the definition of their shapes and their smoothening.

2- The Black Color Is a Result of Impurities
The other colored diamonds like ruby and so on are results of trapped dirt. The black gemstone, on the other hand, does not result from such impurities. They are formed by inclusions with graphite- another form or allotrope of Carbon.

Thus, the black diamond is made up of two forms of Carbon, i.e., diamond and graphite, making it unique and so marvelous.

3- What Are The Types Of Black Diamonds?

Black diamonds are of two types as follows.

I- Natural Black Diamonds
The naturally occurring black gem rock is scarce, and just like any other diamond variety, it is obtained by mining. The natural stone is called as Carbonado. It has a unique polycrystalline structure because they have many crystals; it distinctive from the white diamond structure. Their exorbitance of the price is owing to their rarity.

One of the most noticeable black diamonds is the spirit of de Grisogono. It is the fifth-largest diamond in the world, weighing a staggering 312 carats.

Ii- Lab-Grown Black Diamonds
The manufacturing of diamonds in the laboratory has allowed more diamond-lovers to wear their favorite gemstones. The black diamond is no exception. It, too, can be made in the lab. The distinctive black color is given with the help of different technical treatments. The high pressure and high-temperature treatment are accompanied by chemical vapor deposition to provide it with the color.

4- Is There A Certification For Black Diamonds As Others?
This question arises because one may think that due to the extreme blackness of the diamond, it would be difficult to detect any inbuilt flaws like discoloration, scratches, and so on.

Diamond of any kind, color, origin, or size has tests to be gauged on their purity, scratches, and so forth. The best thing about the black diamond is that, unlike a diamond any other color, it so dark that there is virtually no detectable inbuilt discoloration.
Just like diamonds, any other color, there are grades and certifications.

To Sign Off
This article was the synoptic view of the black diamond. Hope that most of your doubts around this type of diamond would be cleared. This expands your range of available options and is a worthy addition to other styles like classic style rings or halo style diamond engagement rings.

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