Tips to Manage your Health and Wellness in a Coworking Space

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Coworking space provides you with the best arrangements for working and making yourselves comfortable during work. But, like any other working space, you will need to take care of your health and wellness in a coworking space too.

This is important that the coworking space owners arrange their buildings to be perfect and well suited for their occupants by making enough modifications and building requirements.

Also, the workers can themselves make little changes for themselves to make sure of their health and perfect work-life.

Why is it important to be healthy in a coworking space?

  • A lot of occupational diseases are seen among professionals today which could have been avoided with good care and effort in the first place.
  • Over strain can cause damage to the whole body, which will, in turn, increase your absence and reduce the healthy working hours.
  • Your eyes can get hurt and may require you to wear glasses in the long term. Dryness of eyes is also a part of the same.
  • Incorrect sitting postures might give you backache and damage to the spine.
    Excess stress can lead to digestive distress, nausea and much more.
  • Making your coworking space and surroundings more healthy and wellness concerned will attract more customers for your space.

Maintaining physical and mental wellness is important to each worker and there are many ways by which you can make sure of this in your coworking space.

Turn Green
Fill your coworking space with greenery wherever possible. This is important because workers who are stressed at different points of time can find it relaxing with the color green.

Installing indoor plants inside the coworking space can help a lot to this. Indoor plants can have different uses. There are plants like a few types of citrus that can give a positive and attracting scent inside the coworking space itself.

Some co working spaces in Mumbai even have a small gardening portico or a space within the building where workers can come and have moments of silence and relaxation to have their coffee. Such spaces can help workers relax.

This will help them breathe fresh air, cleanse their mind and avoid fatigue feeling, which will eventually help them work better.

Well lit spaces

Spaces have to be well lit and they must have plenty of natural sunshine rather than artificial lights and shades.

This will improve the mood of the workers and their working efficiency. Improve spacing in your space by avoiding the feel of a concrete jungle.

Using french windows and glass partitions between rooms can make sure of spreading sunlight into all the rooms.

Views to the sky and outside nature can avoid a lot of problems like depression, negative thoughts etc.

Arrange the space in the distance

Coworking space owners must make sure to arrange the equipment in the distance so that it will urge the workers to walk small distances then and now.

It is highly important to have small walks and to break the long saga of sitting right in your chair in front of a laptop. Sitting in the same posture for a very long time can stress your muscles. It can also cause back pain and neck pain.

Not giving enough care to these can cause permanent spinal cord problems. Disk complaints are one among the major issues seen among IT professionals.

Keeping the printers in the next room and having a separate coffee room will urge them to walk small distances.

Also, the workers must themselves take the initiative to take a break at times to have a small walk, which helps them get their muscles some rest. Also, taking your eyes off your laptop screen can be useful for your eyes too.

Hosting wellness management workshops

Mental health and wellness have been a top concern for many people these days and they are investing in great amounts to have a stress free and relaxed life.

Coworking space management can come up with health and wellness management workshops at the weekends. These can be of great help. Workers make sure to attend them as they can help you in your day to day work life.

Arranging yoga and meditation arrangements

Among the different ways to use your coworking space in the most creative way, having yoga and meditation rooms and classes are one among the best ways to help your coworking space be more worker-friendly and engaging.

If you cannot have extra rooms for these, empty meeting rooms can be scheduled for the same.

Workers, when they get stressed and agitated, can make use of these rooms for improving the meditation culture. Also, the workers can regularly have yoga sessions in the morning or evening, which is more useful.


Regulating the noise levels


Regulating the noise in the coworking space will help the workers work inefficiency and full productivity avoiding the disturbances.

White noise is a popular concept being used at the coworking spaces to avoid the unnecessary interruption of chatter and unwanted disturbing noises.

A calm and relaxing music background that increases the concentration in white noise mode can help workers in this regard.

Encouraging healthy habits

Encouraging healthy habits like sleeping well, drinking enough water, having food at the right time must be encouraged very well in coworking spaces to manage your health.

Use only healthy snacks and offer good water at the cafeteria. Extra meeting room hours, an extra snack all these can be the perks.

Take good care of your eyes

It is possible that you might just lose yourself staring at the computer screen chasing a bug and trying to fix it. You might lose track of time when you just sit there trying to include all the aspects you want in content.

The time you spent in front of a screen is very high that it can have very bad effects on the worker.

Encourage the workers to use UV protected glasses if they need glasses. Having frequent blinking of eyes and taking a break is also important.

You can check if your sitting distance is right by checking with a high five with your screen. You should sit back from this distance.

Also, keep the screen 4-5 inches below your eye level ensuring your eyeballs to be moisturized at all times.

Try to adjust the brightness of your screen according to the room. Increase the brightness in a well-lit room, and reduce the same in a dark room.

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