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Welcome to my another latest blog post. Today I am going to discuss about Baby Trend Jogging Stroller and At What Age Can You Run with a Baby in a Jogging Stroller.

“Everything changes when there is a baby in the house,” you must have heard it hundreds of times from pretty much everyone before and after you gave birth to your little one. This change can profoundly influence your health. If you try to be in proper shape and are well-aware of your fitness, it can be heartbreaking for you.

The good thing is, you can still run with a baby in a jogging stroller and get back into the shape. It’s possible to once again hit the trail onceyour child is a bit stronger. But you have to acknowledge some basics about jogging with the baby and consider a few safety measures as well.

Know When It’s the Right Time for jogging stroller

You cannot take the baby to the jogging unless he/she is ready for it. As newborn babies don’t have control over their head and neck muscles, it’s too risky to take an infant to jog no matter how sturdy, comfortable, and expensive stroller you buy.

After 6 months of age, their head, as well as neck muscles, grow stronger, and they are able to sit up on their own without requiring any help from others. Once your baby figures out how to control the head and neck, it would be easier for him/her to handle faster movement while you jog.

But if you hasten the time and attempt to jog before the baby learns how to control the neck movement, the chances are high that your baby might end up getting injured; it can even damage the spine or head. Therefore, wait for the right time, don’t start before 6 months of age.

Note that not every infant learns to sit on their own at the same time. Some take 6 months, while it can be 8 months for some. No matter what, make sure you consult with a pediatrician, the doctor should give the green signal to hit the street this time.

Get the Right Gear for jogging stroller

Running with a baby in a jogging stroller isn’t the same as you go for shopping with putting him/her in a conventional stroller. Jogging friendly strollers have a bit different construction, safety features, as well as gears.

You can go with an all-terrain model, which is ideal for everyday use, or a jogging specific model. Be sure to consider the type of terrain you regularly have to run on as well.

Jogging strollers are considered specialized strollers due to their large tires and adjustable shock endurance bouncing capacity so that your baby feels comfortable when you walk or run pushing it. Look for one that comes with a good quality car seat adapter for the baby as well.

There is a locking mechanism in such strollers that allows you to easily maneuver around tight corners. And it keeps the stroller stable when you lock it. Locking mode prevents it from tipping over accidentally.

Most stroller models also feature hand brake that doesn’t let the stroller to move an inch. If you need to take rest for a while and drink water, make sure you pull the hand brake to ensure safety.

In addition to that, a wrist strap also comes with a sport-grade baby trend running jogging stroller, which prevents the stroller from accidentally running away when you run a bit faster.

Having a large canopy comes really handy when you are out on sunny days of the summer. It will make sure your baby isn’t exposed to direct sunlight, which can make the baby blind for a while.
Look for a larger stroller with a good suspension system so that the baby doesn’t feel uncomfortable when you are going through uneven roads.

A number of parents are found complaining and stating that “baby trend jogging stroller shakes when I run.”To avoid such an issue, you must ensure that the stroller has a sturdy construction.

Safety Concerns

Your baby’s safety always comes before your fitness. Therefore, when you get permission to roll the baby stroller on the street, make sure you ensure all safety measures.

If you prefer to jog at dusk or dawn, the stroller must have reflective accents on its front, top, and sides. Avoid busy streets if it’s possible. Don’t assume that drivers can easily see you and your baby, be extra cautious. Don’t rush to cross the signal when it’s yellow, wait until it turns green.

Be sure to lock the front wheel forward and wear the wrist strap. Your child should be buckled in the stroller. Consider engaging the parking brake whenever you have to take a break for a while, even if it’s for a sip of water.
Apart from all these, you must maintain the usual safety precautions as you always do. There will be cyclists, fellow pedestrians, and drivers, passing you by; so, always stay alert.

Consider the Weather

As you will be consistently running, your body will heat up as time goes. But, this is not the case with your baby. So, be sure to dress the little one accordingly, he/she shouldn’t feel too cold due to the airflow.

If you still have to exercise outdoors even when the weather condition isn’t good, consider getting a stroller with rain shield feature to keep your apple of eyes dry and protected.
As far as running on a sunny day is concerned, periodically peek in on the child to make sure there is no ray.

Know When It’s Best Time to Exercise

You don’t want the baby to cry and make it difficult to handle the outdoor situation. If the baby is content, you will be able to enjoy the exercise better.

The best time to go for a short run is when your baby’s little tummy is full after feeding. Similarly, when it’s his/her nap time, it’s your best chance to go for a longer run.

Don’t go for exercising just after the baby wakes up or when he/she is hungry. If you come across a situation when the baby starts to cry during exercise, return home as soon as possible.

Final Words
Keep in mind that you cannot run at the same intensity as you did before and cannot push the stroller harder, no matter how sturdy the construction and how well the suspension is.

If you used to run for 5 miles in 50 minutes, try to maintain the same exercise period even if you have to compromise with the distance. In this way, you can run with a baby in a jogging stroller safely while at the same time, get the most out of the exercise.

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