3 Digital Money Management Tools to Manage Your Finances

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Managing your money is often easier said than done when life and responsibilities get in the way. As bills begin to rise each month and social commitments present themselves, finding a solid hold on your finances can feel daunting.

The reality is that money management is easier than it’s ever been, thanks in part to the technology available at your fingertips. More than ever, Canadians are presented with various tools that can help relieve a range of money-related issues — from debt to investing and general budgeting.

These efficient digital tools can significantly help you re-build and manage your money correctly.

Virtual Lenders

Often, there are times when we experience temporary cash shortages for a variety of reasons — whether we’ve had more expenses than usual in any given month or an unexpected expense has occurred and used up our disposable income. In any case, it can be an ordeal to go through the process of traditional lenders, with extensive wait times and a significant amount of paperwork to deal with.

The purpose of an alternative lender is to provide you with the money you need quickly, so you can pay off any outstanding debts or deal with urgent expenses. Finding personal loans in Ottawa or wherever you live in Canada is one unique and convenient way to consolidate your debt so you can focus on a singular payment, which will help you begin to prioritize your spending and saving going forward.

Budget Apps

Thanks to modern technology, balancing a budget doesn’t solely exist within a spreadsheet. For convenience, Canadians can access mobile budget apps on their phone or tablet no matter where they are in the country.

These apps are designed as a more convenient way to track your spending, investments, credit card payments and more. Most apps offer customizable tools because no two Canadians are the same, and they face unique financial challenges or responsibilities.

Using a budget app, you can practice more mindful spending and can access your finances on the go — which helps you keep a more watchful eye on your habits so you can make the best decisions going forward.

Online Learning

It’s never too late to start learning, especially when it comes to managing your money in Canada. Whether you’re interested in learning more about investing or are thinking of pursuing a career in the field, there are several innovative financial courses online that can be taken advantage of.

Many certified colleges and universities offer night school and online courses taught by experts in the field on everything from credit card debt to personal finance. This is a unique way to utilize the significant digital tools at your disposal in order to gain a deeper understanding of money and how it can work for you, not against you.


These days, it’s essential to understand how best to manage your money, but that doesn’t mean you need to be a financial expert to do so. Any one of these three innovative tools can help you gain the insight you need to be a smarter spender and savvy saver.

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