How to Open RAR Files on Windows 10 | How to open rar file in mobile and Computer free

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Dear audience, Welcome to my new blog post. Today, I am going to discuss about How to Open RAR Files on Windows 10, Mac, Mobiles for Free . 

A RAR file is a native format of the WinRAR archiver. It is a compressed form of data that has multiple files stored in it. It makes it handy to deal with the data in bulk. Even the RAR files make it easy to store the data and share it with other users. Though RAR files are very much likely to zip files, it takes more effort to open the RAR files. The RAR file can be opened very quickly, but all you need is an extractor for it. To open the RAR file on a Mobile, Windows, or Mac device, you can check the guide we have provided below.

As we all know that Windows 10 is a majorly used operating system of the time, but it
can’t access RAR files without the help of third-party uncompressing software.

You can open RAR files on Windows 10 for free with WinRAR:

RAR is a file format for a program named WinRAR, and hence using this software, you can easily open the RAR file and view the data stored in it. This program is useful for both; creating and opening RAR files on Windows 10 for free.

WinRAR is a product of EugeneRoshal of win.rar GmbH. This file archiver, though, is not free but a trialware, which means you can make use of this program for a limited period of time, but it is perfect to open the RAR files on Windows and Mobile devices. But if you want to try the premium version of this program, you may need to pay $29. However, you can use the demo version for free. Not only RAR, but it can unzip many other file formats to make the data stored in it accessible to users.

Follow the steps to use WinRAR:

1.If the WinRAR software is not installed on your device, you first need to install the compatible version of it from the official website.
winRAR setup

2.Now, open the File Explorer on your device to find and open the RAR file. WinRAR usually automatically opens the file in RAR format.

3. Select all the RAR files in WinRAR and then hit the “Extract” icon from the toolbar.
4. Once you are done selecting the data, you need to choose the destination path of the file and create a new folder to save the RAR file you uncompressed.
How to Open a RAR file on computer

5. After doing everything, you need to secure it by clicking OK. After completing the extraction, the files can be easily viewed and opened.

Use WinZip to extract RAR file on Windows:

Another trialware to open the RAR files on your device is WinZip. It is perfect to use on Windows, macOS, and Android. It is a product of WinZip computing and famous among users. You get 21 days of free use with WinZip, so it is quite a hit for those who are looking for free options.

Though WinZip is mainly designed to work with zip files, it can also open the RAR file and several other file formats with ease. If you are using Windows 10 OS, this tool is a must-try for you.
To open RAR file with WinZip, follow the below-given steps:

1. First, download the WinZip program from the official website. Then follow the on-screen prompts to install the program on your device.
2. After installing, you need to launch the WinZip from the Start menu.
3. Now, go to File and then Open (from PC or Cloud) to access the RAR files stored on your device.
How to Open a RAR file on MAC

4. Choose every RAR file and folder from the RAR folder. Or you can select those which you want to open by pressing and holding the Ctrl key.
5. Now, from the toolbar of the program, you need to click on Unzip/Share.
6. Then, click1 and then Unzip>>Unzip to MY PC or Cloud.

7. Provide the folder to save the extracted data from the RAR.

How to Open a RAR file on MAC Devices?

Mac Devices are quite sensitive when it comes to data storage, uncompression, and file sharing. So, here below, we are providing a secure to open the RAR file to Mac users.

Mac users can use the software named “Unarchiver” and open the RAR file and various other file formats such as Zip, Zipx, 7z, Tar, Gzip, Bzip2, CAB, EXE, ISO, MSI, and more.

1. Get the Unarchiver software from the official website and install the tool using the on-screen prompts. It is compatible with Mac OS 10.7 or later.
2. Now, launch the tool on your device to unarchive the RAR files.
How to Open a RAR file on MAC

3. From the Finder app on Mac, search for the RAR files.
4. Go to the File menu and then clickOpen from the drop-down list. Choose to open from the RAR file.
5. Set a destination folder to save the extracted data. Then, click Extract.

How to open the RAR file on mobile devices:

Open the RAR Files on iPhone
For the iPhone, you can use the iZip- a free extractor for iOS devices.
1. First, you need to download the iZip app from the App Store and then launch it.
2. Then, choose the Document Browser in the program and then look for the RAR file. Tap on the RAR file followed by Yes, and this way, you can extract the files from the RAR folder.
3. Next, click OK to open all the RAR archive file

How to Open Rar File in Mobile or Android:

To open the RAR files on Android, you can use any of the third-party extractor meant for Android devices. The few best Android unarchiver are WinZip, ZArchiver, B1 Archiver, ES File Explorer.

First, download and install the program you want to use.
Open the app, and you will see all of the files and folders of the RAR format.
Select the files you want to open.
If required, you can open the RAR files one by one and then view the data stored in the file.
There are a few software that can be used to create the RAR files on Android apart from opening it.

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