6 Consequences of a Drunk Driving Charge

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There are many ways a drunk driving charge can ruin your life. We’ve talked about them below. Read ahead. 

Background Checks

Before employers hire anyone, they conduct background checks. This is to make sure the other employees won’t be in danger. 

A DUI would show up when a background check is conducted. Although not as bad as other charges, DUIs tell employers that you’re irresponsible. This is especially true if you’ve been charged with drunk driving before. 

Future employers aren’t the only ones that would look into your criminal history. Landlords conduct checks too. Also, universities require you to include your criminal history on admissions applications. 

Revoked Driver’s License 

Driving under the influence results in licenses being revoked. If you are charged with your first DUI, the revocation would only last a max of 2 years. 

Without a license, it would be harder to get to work. Life would be more stressful too, as you wouldn’t easily be able to run errands. 

The revoked license might lead to you losing your job. You could start showing up late to work. 

Loss of Employment 

The conviction means that you would have several court dates. This would eat away at your work schedule. Moreover, there is the possibility of jail time and community service. You would definitely lose your job. 

Also, your job may require you to drive a vehicle. You won’t able to do this without a license. 

Community Service & Jail 

First time offenders get community service. How much community service you would get depends on your lawyer’s skills. Can you beat DUI in court? An excellent attorney could prove that you weren’t in the driver’s seat. They could prove that the officer that tested you violated your rights too. The results of your breath test would be thrown out the window as a result. 

If it’s your second one, you won’t have the luxury of getting community service. You might get jail time. Getting an excellent lawyer would be of utmost importance. Jeff Mass, Toronto DUI lawyer is always an excellent choice. 

High Insurance Rates

Once you get a DUI, your automobile insurance rates would be through the roof. Your insurance company would see you as a risk. The rates would stay double or triple for several years. Some insurance companies terminate coverage after drunk driving convictions. Whether your coverage would be terminated or not depends on where you live. 

No Scholarships

You won’t get your scholarship if you are charged with drunk driving. As mentioned earlier, you might not even be accepted into the program. 

If you’re already in college on a scholarship, it may be terminated if you’re charged with driving under the influence. 

There are so many ways drunk driving could ruin your life. Unfortunately, it may not be the first time you were caught driving while intoxicated. First time offenders get community service. However, a second-time DUI would result in jail time. Hire the best lawyer – you would get the least severe penalty. 

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