Is it worth it to replace home windows?

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Replacing the windows of the whole house requires a huge investment. This is why homeowners often question about the necessity of windows replacement. Here in this blog post, we will discuss whether windows replacement is worth it or not. Though the answer is not straightforward as several factors play their role in the decision for Guelph replacement windows, including the following:

1.Existing condition of windows’ frames
2.Thickness of windows
3.Local climate
4.Required window style

All these factors also affect the cost of windows replacement in addition to the expected energy savings. If your current windows are underperforming (forming condensation on the glass or letting in drafts) then you definitely need windows replacement to solve draft issues and to increase energy efficiency.

How much you can save from window replacement?

While considering all these variables, an entire house window replacement can provide great energy efficiency. It is particularly true if you choose single-pane standard windows along with Energy Star endorsed double-pane designs. As per the Department of Energy, the amount of energy saving with new windows varies from region to region. In colder regions, the yearly energy saving can be more than $400 if you replace your single-pane windows with Energy Star licensed models.
On the other hand, homeowners in hot regions like Florida, Texas and Southern California can also enjoy energy savings. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that any house with single-pane windows can opt for a whole-home window replacement project.

How much a whole-home window replacement cost?

Obviously, the cost of replacing the entire windows of a home depends on the total number of windows. However, the average cost of replacing one window is almost the same for a replacement project of any size. The cost of an average size double-hung, double-pane vinyl window ranges between $450 and $600. This contains both the installation cost and the window price. Here it isimportant to state that the price of a wood frame window is higher and ranges between $800 and $1000, including the installation cost. Additionally, if the whole frame requires replacement (for either wood or vinyl models) then it will exceed the cost by $50 to $100 for each window.
According to the estimates of the Energy Department, a house in a four-season climate will save energy that will approximately cover the cost of one window every two years for wooden windows and one year for vinyl windows. With these projections, the window replacement project will ultimately cover its cost in 10 to 12 years based on the number of windows.

Affect on equity

Your home’s equity will definitely increase if you replace your windows. You can get a good selling price if energy-efficient windows are installed in your house. Thus, a whole-home window replacement project will be a profitable investment in the long run.
In some old houses, windows play a crucial role in the architectural appearance and the modern-looking windows will destroy the classic appearance. In this situation, new storm windows in Cambridge are an ideal option.

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