Top 6 Recruitment Trends to Look for in 2020

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The recruitment process has seen a huge shift from traditional recruiting to new recruiting techniques in the past decade. Due to the agility in modern technology, recruitment specialists are obligated to adapt to the new changes if they want to stay in the game.

We live in an era where revolutionary technologies are introduced one day, and the same technology is replaced by the more revolutionized idea the other day. This applies to all the industries and the recruiting industry is no exemption.

To stay ahead in the recruiting process and to improve the efficiency of recruitment, you must brace yourself for such changes. Recruiting in 2020 will see a major shift and you might be forced to bury some of your old school staffing habits.

Based on the numerous years of experience in recruiting, we have listed six recruitment trends to look for in 2020.

1. The rise in Inbound Recruiting

Inbound recruiting is the method of attracting employees through different marketing strategies like content marketing, social media marketing, and branding. This method helps you build a rapport with the top talent and the chances of these candidates opting to work for your company are high.

Many companies will give importance to inbound recruiting over outbound recruiting in 2020. The inbound recruiting method must be designed carefully, and it might take some time to fetch results, but inbound recruiting can bring really good talent in your company.

2. Emphasis on Candidate Experience

Candidate experience will be given higher priority in 2020. The overall experience of the candidate during the whole recruitment process will be very important. Based on this recruitment experience, a skilled employee will decide whether to join your company or not. If the candidate feels valuable and excited to join the company, then the chances of retaining him will be high and at the same time, he might provide the reference of some great talent in the future.

Many companies will come with strategies to provide positive candidate experience as this will have a huge impact on the recruitment process.

3. Artificial Intelligence will be the Game Changer

Artificial intelligence is spreading fast and it is important for all the industries to adopt it in their business. AI will be a vital strategy as you can automate the recruitment process and save your time. For example, if you post any job opening, you will receive hundreds and thousands of applications. Screening all those resumes and finalizing the candidates will consume more time. If you use AI in screening the resume, then the whole task can be done within no time.

There are a lot of things such as candidate screening, candidate matching, and resume updates that you can achieve through AI. AI will improve the accuracy of the recruitment process.

4. Automating the Recruitment Process

Automation has been the trend in the past few years and all the businesses have now got used to automating things as much as they can. The main benefit of automation is that it saves your time. With the evolution of technology, the emphasis is given on automation tools by all business owners.

Automation in the recruitment process will save time in the job posting, screening resumes, zeroing on candidates, onboarding, and much more. Therefore, HR tools are going to get more and more popular in 2020 and most companies will start using at least one or the other tool to automate their recruitment.

5. Social Recruiting

Recruiters will rely on social recruiting in the year 2020. Social recruiting is the process of recruiting using social media channels like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc. There are other job portals and advertising websites where you can post your job.

The social recruiting process can be more than posting jobs on social media channels. You can use social media channels to build your brand reputation and connect with the candidates.

6. Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing will boom in 2020. It is the process of applying marketing strategies in recruitment. The agenda of recruitment marketing is to attract the right potential candidates. Recruitment marketing can be achieved through both paid and organic methods. You can search for the latest marketing trends and apply the same in recruitment. You might have to tailor those marketing strategies according to your recruitment requirements.


Bottom Line

Recruitment is going to take a major leap in 2020. Predicting those changes and adopting those changes will be challenging. So, knowing the upcoming trends in advance will help you in adapting to those changes easily so that you can stay ahead in the business.

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