Try These 7 Mental Health Habits On This World Health Day

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In today’s world, stress and depression have become an inevitable factor of every workaholic’s life. As a result, lots of people are ailing from the degradation of mental health. So for making people aware of this fact, WHO had declared 7th April as World Health Day and every year this day is celebrated as a global health awareness day.

The objective of this day is to make people learn how to keep their minds healthy and get habituated with good mental health habits. Here are a few tips for having beneficial mental health habits:

Maintain a balanced diet to stay fitter:

It is an obvious thing and is known to all that a healthy diet can lead a better and fitter life. So a balanced diet can also regulate your body functions as well as brain functions effectively that can relieve you from stress. For better results, you can even refer a dietician and follow the diet chart given by him/ her.

Being one of the best mental health habits, it also serves as the best controller of any physical ailments. Apart from healthy eating, having your meals in restricted time periods is also an important aspect of having a healthier life.

Work out on a regular basis to boost up your energy:

Regular exercise always promotes a healthy mind. High-intensity cardio exercises for even about half an hour can release powerful endorphins that soothe the mind and alleviate the dullness in the mood. Exercising also fight against anxiety and depression and palliate it.

Apart from cardio, long-term low-intensity exercises will also produce neurotrophic proteins that improve the functions of the brain. Rising up and off to bed early, are also important health habits for the mind. It will enhance proper brain functions and a good mood.

Sleep well to feel fresh and energetic every day:

Many people think that sleeplessness is a symptom of mental illness. But recent researches say that the reverse thing happens actually. Few hours of sleep causes anxiousness and poor mental health. That’s why deep sleep is extremely important for maintaining a healthy mind.

Now to have a sound sleep, you have to do certain things like using your own bedroom, keeping a sleepy atmosphere, making the room cool and dark enough to get the required level of sleep and also curtailing the use of electronic devices as much possible.

Laugh at your fullest to make the mental hazards bite the dust:

Many psychologists and therapists suggest their patients have a laughter therapy because laughter is the best medicine to all mental disturbances. You can overcome the suffering of anxiety and depression by laughing regularly. Like exercises, laughing can also release endorphins in our body, which can relieve us from anxieties and make our mood better.

Hanging out with people, cracking jokes and laughing on them can create stronger bonds with people. You can do many things to laugh like doing things that make you happy and can have fun, go to a comedy club, watch comedy shows, movies, etc.

Travel and enjoy the beauty of this world:

Travelling has a lot of advantages, and you will find it difficult to avoid them because these are important to be fulfilled in your life. There are many people in this world who travel every year to meet the main aim of World Health Day.

Bonding with nature is a crucial requirement of every individual to live a healthy life, and the best way to meet the nature is to go out on adventure trips now and then. Travelling will assuage the stress and anxiety of your mind.

Be a proficient stress buster:

To defeat stress and depression, you have to live an austere life. Firstly, you have to reduce your presence on social media, i.e., stop being in front of the screens before going to sleep. For normal functions of the body and for an active brain, you need to keep your cells and nerves hydrated.

So make a regular habit of drinking water. Another way of reducing stress is pet ownership. Even you can do meditation, yoga, and dance apart from exercise. All play a chief role in keeping your mental health strong.

Get professional advice for an improved result:

If you want, you can even consult a doctor for proper medication and mental health habits. In many cases, it is found that people find it difficult to deal with their mental conditions for which proper treatments are necessary.

If no proper treatment or remedies are applied to these problems in time, it may lead to serious health problems. So, proper guidance is a ‘must-do’ thing.


Everyone wants a healthier and happier life. But to build up a prosperous career and to earn huge amount of money is not enough. You will be happy only if your mental health is good. The above-mentioned health habits can make you free of any mood problems, and you will be able to live your life freely.

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