How to Renovate Your Doors and Windows like A Pro?

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When you start renovating your house, you aim to upgrade and refresh each and every part of your place. From chandeliers to bed sets, you invest your money and time to give your house the aesthetic touch that resonates with inhabitants’ personalities.

However, when it comes to your doors and windows, we don’t give them the attention they deserve, just some paint and varnish, and we think they’re done.

Your doors and windows play a significant role when it comes to aesthetics, adding value to your home and security. When you yourself don’t have time or enough skills to renovate or replace your windows and doors yourself, you can call the experts from Canadian Choice windows to give them a new, improved, and stylish look.

For the crafty ones who want to take things into their own hands, here are few tips on how you can renovate your old windows and doors.

Painting Tips

Painting your doors and windows requires just as much precision as other parts of your house. You can’t just stroke your brush here and there and consider it done. Your paint job should have a glossy finish but not have enough protrusions.

It’s better to remove your old paint first and then apply your new color. The old peeled and inconsistent paint can give an ugly finish to your new paint effort.

If you see any dents and tears, fill them before painting using wood fillers. If your door has a bit of discoloration, then apply primer first to get rid of it.

Hardware Upgrade

Not only paint but replacing hardware like knobs, house numbers, and hinges can give a changed and fresh look to your overall decor.

Make sure you choose hardware and accessories that match the overall aesthetic of your house. For instance, if you’re giving your place a rustic look, then a modern doorknob would not match your overall decor.

Make sure to purchase your hardware from a reliable manufacturer like Canadian Choice Windows so that it can last longer and won’t require repairs every once in a while.

Replace Panes

Replacing panes is a must of want your windows and doors to look new and have a chic look. You can change your panes from transparent to translucent if you want some privacy or if you want the sunlight to hit your interior without hindrance; you can choose transparent ones.

If you can afford it, it’s best to install tempered glass in your doors and windows to avoid hazards. There are many good names in the market, like Canadian Choice Widows, that can provide you with your desired glass type and price range.

Give Them An Artistic Touch

Be it modern or Victorian touch that you want to give your house an artsy look will always provide a fresh aesthetic to your overall house d├ęcor. You can try to do it yourself if you are good with art and designs, or you can always hire an art expert to do it for you.

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