Best News Apps for Android and iOS to Stay Updated on Current Events

Mack Johnson
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There is no doubt that technology has truly made our lives easier. Even just reading the news has now become a lot easier. We can now stay updated with the current events just by using our smartphones, laptops, or our PCs. We don’t have to wake up early in the morning and get the morning paper.

With the help of these apps, you can stay updated all day wherever and whenever you want. It is true that news travels very fast, and may even become outdated just as fast, right? Fortunately, we always have our smartphones wherever we go. It is very convenient for us to just have to open these apps and read the news wherever we are.

So, in this article, we made a list that would help you pick the best news app to download on your smartphones right now. We are sure that these apps will surely make it easier for you guys to stay updated on current events, and would give you reliable information and understanding of what is happening in the world.

Apple News

We’re sure that if you are an iPhone user, this is the news app that you would surely pick, right? Because, why not? It’s already pre-installed on your iPhone when you bought it, and it would give you all the recent and most relevant news happening all around you.

They acquire their content from various news sources. If you want to customize your news feed, Apple’s algorithm will learn your reading patterns and choice that would provide you with a personalized news feed. You can also acquire news feeds that are specifically written by certain editors, which would give you their most recent headlines.

CNN News

CNN is a well known and widely acknowledged news channel. It was the original channel that provided us with 24 hours of cable news. Today, nearly all of the news channels have already moved to mobile, as with all of them, CNN also has a downloadable app, and if you are looking for a reliable and informative news app, CNN is a viable contender.

In the app, you will be able to see a similar type of website. The news articles are packed with photos and headlines that would surely catch your attention. There is a wide array of stories and articles that you can find on this app. However, they mainly focus on users located in the United States. So, if you’re from the U.S., that wouldn’t be a problem, right?

AP News

If you are looking for a news app that covers everything, then Associated Press or better known as AP News is the right one for you. This app would grant you with all the latest and important news updates internationally. They have different teams of reporters who are devoted to giving you all kinds of trustworthy news.

This app covers a wide range of articles such as Tech, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Business. In addition, there are also photos that you can view, radio news, and even videos if you’re not the type who likes to read but the type to just watch the news. You can also personalize your own news feed and notifications that can be based on your reading patterns.

Microsoft News

Some people may argue that the best and the most credible news always comes from a well-known brand. If you are this type of person, then there’s no doubt that Microsoft News is a credible news app, right? This app gives its readers categorized publications that can be both personalized and topical.

They acquire their articles from a wide range of sources, and that would surely include all your favorite articles. If you’re not a fan of bright white backgrounds, then Microsoft has your back. They offer a dark mode that would be very convenient when you’re viewing in a dark room.


Well, it all comes down to your personal preferences, whether you like reading from a certain news app, right? Some people like a clean interface and some prefer one with different sources. So, we still hoped that this article helped you in which the news app is the best one for you.

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