How to Improve Shopify SEO to Boost Your Website Organic Traffic?

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Are you new to the Shopify eCommerce platform? Are you struggling to grow the flow of organic traffic for your new store? 

Well, having the perfect Shopify website design is one thing, but securing ideal SEO practices for the store demands additional effort. As Shopify is an easily customizable platform, you have the liberty to customize it as per your specific requirements. 

Among all those features and customizations, you will also be able to leverage the potential of the built-in SEO functions of Shopify. You don’t have to be a coding master to invoke SEO parameters, but it does demand some time of yours! 

You can definitely hire a Shopify SEO expert to help you in the quest of being more visible among the online audience. The professionals have put up recommendations for some of the most effective SEO tips for you to increase the organic traffic quotient. 

What are Some of the Shopify SEO Tips for You to Make the Store More Visible?

Here are some of the SEO tips for you to implement alongside your Shopify development services to make your store rank higher in the SERPs:

1. Create a Logical Site Structure

The first thing that you and your hired team of Shopify developers must do is organize the store in a way such that it helps both Google as well as customers. 

A Shopify SEO expert and a store developer can work together to achieve a logical structure for the site. This way, finding any required product or brand information will be easier for shoppers, and even Google will be able to understand the site better. 

You can consider integrating detailed categories and sub-categories in order to make your store more accessible. The ultimate goal of this tip is not just to be seen by Google web crawlers but also to maintain an organized store. 

2. Conduct In-Depth Keyword Research

When you are implementing the keyword research practice, it will help optimize all the pages for specific phrases or terms that the customers use. With the right use of relevant keywords, it will be easier for you to attract all impulsive buyers. 

When you hire Shopify SEO services, they shall help you find the right keywords for adding to the site content and product descriptions. Here are some ways a Shopify SEO expert will assist you in running an in-depth keyword research:

  • Firstly, they will scrutinize the ‘People Also Asked’ and ‘People Also Search For’ sections. 
  • Following that, they will also be examining the autofill suggestions of Google. 
  • Competitors’ keywords will also be analyzed. 

Once these basic steps are completed, the experts will also make use of a keyword research tool. Using it, the experts will be able to pick the top-performing words or phrases that come with high search volume and lowered competition. 

Take the help of your custom Shopify developers, as they can also suggest some Shopify SEO apps to integrate into your store for added help. In short, targeting all the long-tail keywords will be able to help boost the visibility of the store. 

It is because these keywords are what cater to the overall need of the shoppers and their way of expressing their requirements to Google or other search engines. The more relevant the keyword, the better will be your ranking on SERPs against the search intent of users. 

3. Optimization of Titles, URLs and Meta Descriptions

The job of meta descriptions and titles is of paramount importance in feeding useful details to the crawlers. Due to this, your order in the SERP ranking will be higher, which will then eventually boost the organic traffic. 

The titles you use alongside your product descriptions will be clear and will also include the crucial keywords meant for describing the products. Following that, when you reach the section where you have to add meta descriptions, you prefer keeping it short and engaging. 

You should not forget to add the relevant keywords in the meta description part, as ranking proficiency will further scale. In the end, before you post product content, you must be able to create simple URLs with utmost clarity. 

Using understandable URLs and trying to add keywords to them will also boost the SEO proficiency of the store immensely. When you hire Shopify developers to create your store, do take their help in understanding how to add creative URLs, meta descriptions and titles. 

4. Seek Enhancement of Your Site Speed

For scaling the SEO aspects of the store and increasing organic traffic, it is quite crucial to improve the speed of the site. Every online user often looks out for quick-loading sites, which ensures an optimal experience for them. 

Beyond that, the search engines also look out to rank the website and its content higher in the SERPs when you have got it optimized for speed. You can take the help of Shopify store development services and integrate certain required apps to boost your speed. 

But apart from that, you can also take their help to make some changes to the store attributes to attain faster speed. You must be able to compress all the images to reduce file size and take out all the unneeded plugins or apps. 

Finally, you must also prefer choosing a speed-optimized theme for your Shopify store or hiring developers to create a customized one. Later, you can use dedicated site performance analysis tools, such as SEMrush, to keep a tab on your page loading speed. 

Parting Words

These are the four most crucial tips that your Shopify SEO expert might suggest you implement! With this integration, you will soon see a significant rise in the flow of organic traffic for the store. 

Hire the best developers and SEO experts for the job, and you will not just be able to cater organic traffic and leads for your business, but will also be witnessing a great rate of conversion. 

It’s because when you optimize the store for SEO, you are also enhancing its user experience quotient. So, do look out for the best Shopify experts and take their help on adopting these tips and experiencing whopping SEO success. 

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