The Significance of Laser Hair Removal Treatment for Removal of Unwanted Hair

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One of the most stressful and time consuming for people is when they have to remove excess or unwanted hair from their bodies. The slight hair on the arms or legs may not be such a problem for men, but it is a problem for women, particularly in the summer months, when they have to adorn skirts and shorts.    In the warmer months, as women like to spend most of the time outdoors, they need to remove unwanted hair on a regular basis.

The common methods to remove hair from the arms, legs, and face includes shaving, waxing, tweezing, and use of hair removal creams, but the problem is these are all temporary methods, and the hair grows again after few weeks. Another aspect of concern is that the quality of the skin is also damaged and affected due to the regular use of razors, tweezers, and waxes.

One of the most effective solution to permanently get rid of unwanted hair is through a laser treatment which is safe, fast, and affordable. The procedure involves the use of laser light that is directed to remove unwanted or excess hair from the face, chin, legs, arms, underarm, and back area. The laser treatment is gaining popularity as it is less painful, and the laser beam is precisely directed towards the target area, leaving the rest of the skin undamaged.

One pulse of a laser beam takes a fraction of a second, and a large number of hair follicles could be treated. The laser technology is so fast and accurate that the small areas of the skin such as lip can be treated in less than a minute while the arms and legs take up to an hour.

But the complete hair removal is done in one session and requires 7 to 8 sessions with four weeks gap from one session to the next session. If you think that you can get hair-free in this summer season, well, this is not going to be possible as the continuous exposure of skin to laser light is not suitable, and doctors advised nearly 3 to 4 weeks gap from one hair removal session to the next.

If you are exhausted of shaving, tweezing, or waxing your skin and want a permanent solution, then there is laser treatment for hair growth that is efficient and affordable. Most of the laser hair removal clinics are accredited and certified to perform laser treatment. On your first appointment, you will be told about the details and steps involved in the laser hair removal process.

You would be asked to limit plucking, shaving, or waxing almost six weeks before the actual treatment begins, this is done because the laser beam targets the root of the hair and during shaving or plucking the hair is temporarily removed from its root. You are also advised to avoid going in the sun for long periods as the sunlight makes the laser procedure less effective and more complicated.

Just from the start of the laser hair removal treatment, your hair will be trimmed and kept just above the surface of the skin. A skin topical is applied 20 to 30 minutes before the procedure on the part of the skin that is to be treated, this is done to numb the skin so that you do not feel any burning sensation.

The laser technician will correct the equipment according to the type, color, thickness, and part of the skin from where the hair is to be removed. One person’s skin type, quality, color, and complexion differs from another person, which is why a laser technician has to be careful when adjusting the laser equipment.

The laser technician and you will be given eye protection to wear during the time when the laser beam is directed to the skin. The outer layers of the skin are protected with a gel or cooling device; this is done to allow the laser beam to penetrate the skin easily. After applying the ointment, the laser technician will point the laser beam at the part of the skin to be treated for few minutes to see for any adverse reaction and make sure the setting is accurate for hair removal.

After the session, you will be given ice packs and anti-inflammatory cream to apply and ease the discomfort. The next session is scheduled after 4 or 5 five weeks. The treatments will continue until hair completely removed from the arms, legs, back, face, and underarm.

The cost of laser hair removal treatment varies and depends on certain factors such as the size of the skin area that is to be treated, the number of treatments required, and whether a doctor is performing the treatment or someone else. The advantages of laser hair removal treatment are

  • It saves money in the long run

The laser hair removal treatment is one time, and you will not have to go through the time-consuming tasks of shaving, waxing, and tweezing. You only have to pay the laser treatment one time. On the contrary, just imagine how much money you will have to spend on shaving creams, razors, tweezers, and hair removal cream, which are all temporary methods of removing hair. A laser hair removal is a low cost compared to the cost you will have to spend on other methods of removing unwanted hair from your skin.

  • It is comfortable

Apart from the cost, the most important aspect of laser hair removal treatment is that it makes a person comfortable, and there are seldom cases of any redness or inflammation. On the other hand, while using razors, there is always the risk of using the razor too hard and causing cuts and bruises. The waxing method is quite painful and leaves many red spots on the skin. The laser beam is only directed on the part of the skin that is to be treated, and the rest of the skin is undamaged. But the softness and smoothness of the skin are damaged by using conventional methods.

  • It is suitable for all types of skin

First, it was thought that the laser treatment was only effective for lighter skin tones, but then technology got advanced, and now all types of skin can easily be treated.

Laser hair removal is a one-time procedure and has proven results for effectiveness and safety. The best thing is that the hair regrowth is stopped, and women do not have to spend long hours in removing the unwanted hair.

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